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The team at The Chapel Group play key roles in initiatives involving advanced technologies.  These include Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Smart Metering and Automated Demand Response (ADR).  We have performed roles both for Utilities and Vendors, in regulated and deregulated markets.

As part of our ongoing research we have developed a global network of industry peers.  We understand the challenges utilities face in making decisions to invest in these technologies.

We are taking these learnings and creating a body of knowledge.  Our intention, with your help, is to keep building on this body of knowledge and make it available to all.

We recognize that every Utility is unique. Each one operates in its own microcosm. Governments have their own priorities. The communities Utilities serve have varying expectations. Every Utility has its own set of priorities and unique business and technical challenges.

What is right for one Utility at the time they need to make a decision won’t be right for another Utility.  For example, with AMI there is not a single benefit that delivers the greatest value.  There is no one communications technology that is always better than another.  There is not one metering architecture that is right for all scenarios.

To help with this challenge we created this site.  With your help we aim to develop a body of knowledge and make it available to everyone.  Our goal is help you make the most informed decision for your unique situation.

Each week we aim to post one or two discussion threads.  We encourage you to share your thoughts as well as point out research that may help others.