Working towards a sustainable planet by embracing an engaged energy consumer

All households should have access to affordable, clean energy

The electricity industry must lead the way in educating and encouraging consumers to engage with energy technologies that optimise the electricity system, reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, and ultimately reduce costs for everyone.

I help the energy industry solve problems through the adoption of smart technologies

Integration of DER

Scaling out distributed energy resources (DER) including rooftop solar, local battery storage, and electric vehicles, integrating them into the grid.

Access to energy data

Helping approved third parties access data to foster innovation and increase competition by delivering new value-add services to consumers.

Demand response

Programs that reward consumers for using less energy, usually during times the electricity system is most under stress.

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ARTICULATE: step III of the CLASS demand response framework.

In this post, I introduce you to the third step in the CLASS framework, 'articulate', where we focus on making sure you have a consistent set of authentic messages that can be used by your internal stakeholders. By the start of this third step you will have an agreed...


In my last post, I introduced you to step one of the CLASS framework, CLARIFY.  I explained that, as with anything you do, personal or professional, for it to deliver sustained success, your ‘why’ must be clear and compelling. The second step in the CLASS framework is...

CLARIFY. Step I of the demand response CLASS framework

In my last post, I introduced the CLASS framework.  Five steps, that when followed, will increase the likelihood of a successful demand response program at scale. Step one in the CLASS framework is CLARIFY.  As with anything you do, personal or professional, for it to...

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