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With primary school age children in our home, this year I have been introduced to gamification in the education sector, where maths and english are being taught via online games that allow kids to compete against themselves, their friends and sometimes other schools. And believe me…these apps are spurring the kids on to do their homework.

In a similar vein, in the past few weeks, one of Australia’s leading supermarket chains has introduced a series of cards and stickers that tell our children all about the countries, cities, and cultures of the world. These cards and stickers can be collected and traded in a race to complete the set. It is safe to say we are currently under strict instructions from the kids to shop exclusively at that supermarket chain….they even want to join us while we shop!

If a Utility introduced online energy conservation games that got children competing for virtual rewards, where they could compete individually, as a team, and perhaps as a school, could we see a dramatic uptake in energy conservation?

With the obvious impact on our youth of similar campaigns, those utilities operating in a competitive market would see children pester their parents to join the retailer that has the game all their friends are playing. At the same time, we will be educating the next generation of energy consumers to think about how their actions impact our planet.

Should Utilities be more focused on educating our children through gamification to change the way we consume energy in the future?

Keen to know more? Check out this SlideShare.

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