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Later this year I plan to publish my third book, working title “The NW: Five steps to successfully scaling out demand response”.  If you are in the demand response space, especially if you are a utility trying to implement demand response, I’d love your help and expertise to further my research by completing this diagnostic. 

The insights you gain from completing the diagnostic will hopefully assist in determining how your organisation may be able to improve their demand response program, at the same time it will help me understand the challenges organisations are facing so I can make my book as relevant and useful to the reader as possible.

I’m writing the book for a few reasons. Firstly, I have been an advocate for demand response since 2011 when I was first exposed to the concept. The idea that changing our consumption patterns just a few hours a year would drive down energy costs for everyone and could be the difference between a vulnerable consumer not having to make a trade-off between heating their home or putting dinner on the table for their family is a compelling one. Despite the upside for consumers, adoption continues to be low and I wanted to understand why, and what can be done about it.

Secondly, pilots have been running for many years.  Patterns have emerged that tell us what will make a program successful and what won’t. Despite this growing body of knowledge, most utilities around the world remain in ‘pilot paralysis’, going from one pilot to the next, and not taking the step to scale out and integrate demand response into its operations.  Again, I wanted to understand why this is the case and what needs to be done to succeed at scale.

Finally, despite all the lessons learnt, I could not find anywhere that has distilled the various learnings into a single body of knowledge and delivered it in a way that was easy to consume and understand, even for someone not involved in demand response.

The insights from this diagnostic will be used to further inform my thinking so I can provide you with pragmatic steps that can be taken to successfully scale out demand response. 

To show my appreciation for your support, anyone completing the diagnostic will receive a free, pre-release copy of my book.

Are you able to take 10 minutes to help better understand where our challenges are when trying to successfully scale out demand response?


Receive immediate insights into areas of focus and recommended improvements to your Demand Response Program with the the Demand Response Scorecard. Complete the free online diagnostic now.