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Recently, I have experienced the benefits of total focus and want to share why the same approach must be taken by Utilities if they are to achieve their goals.

For the last six months, I have been writing a book about getting the most from smart meters, demand response, and behind-the-meter technologies.

Writing a book takes focus, and I’m the first to admit that early on I allowed too many shiny objects to distract me. For those who know me, I love to be active in the industry and helping others and so I got easily sidetracked from my book writing when exciting opportunities came my way. First came the prospect of some projects in SE Asia that sounded too good to pass up. Then came the decision to establish a charity through which I would give most of the book profits away to help end energy poverty. I’ve never created a ‘for-purpose’ organization before; it was fun learning how charities work but it burnt a lot of time and certainly did not need to be done before the book was ready. Next were the offers of speaking engagements – again great fun but unrelated to developing or promoting my book. On top of everything, I enjoyed writing the book so much I came up with another idea for a second book, so I started to jot down ideas. Time was fast passing me by, and my book was not moving forward.

Recognising that if I focused on too many things at once, I would never finish any of them to the level I would be happy with (if I finished them at all), I turned to my coach. With a fair bit of work, she helped me to stop defending the reasons why I “must” do all these things at once, be clear on what my priorities were and focus on those. This resulted in work that I had estimated may take me four to six months being completed in two, and in early December my book will be launched.

So why am I telling you this? Because during my 15+ years working in Utilities, I have observed a similar problem. Unclear goals and confused priorities that have resulted in dozens, sometimes hundreds of projects all vying for the same headspace of a few subject matter experts and decision makers. The results at best see massive schedule and budget overruns and at worst completely failed investments. With the move to a Digital Utility, there are lots of new shiny objects that could seem like welcome distractions. A Utility (like me) must be clear on where they want to get to, why they want to get there, and how they will get there. Sure, they can course-correct over time, but at any single period, they must be very clear what the priority is and have everyone focused on achieving that priority.

How will your Utility avoid being dazzled by too many shiny objects and stay focused on the real priorities?

Contact me to find out how we can help you get the most from smart metering, demand response, and behind-the-meter technologies.

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