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Dear CEO,

The introduction of smart meters is full of uncertainty. Organisational structures will change, roles will change, and jobs will go as new and improved services change how your business operates.

In the face of such a challenge leaders become very protective of their headcounts, their budgets, their pet projects, and yes, their future. Suddenly, benefits that smart meter projects should deliver are excluded or significantly diluted, and before long the business case is in free fall.

A smart meter business case needs your support to drive through the resistance. When your executive team gets behind smart meter initiatives, you will see a step change in people’s attitude. Employees will find ways to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve customer experience.

How much money does your Utility spend across people, process and systems chasing late payers? What if you could materially reduce these costs and get most people on automated bill payment with services that smart meters offer?

This and dozens of other benefits are possible with smart meters. Is fear-driven behaviour from your leaders getting in the way of you seeing the complete picture?

Yours faithfully,

Wayne Pales

Contact me to find out how we can help you select the right smart metering or demand response solution.

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