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In my last post, I wrote about the need for a utility to build a comprehensive and holistic clean technology (CleanTech) strategy. I went on to write about the pivotal role demand response should play in this CleanTech strategy.

Over the next few weeks, and based on my experiences and discussions with industry peers, I will share my thoughts on building a Demand Response strategy. Due to the nature of blog posts, it will not provide comprehensive insights nor address the nuances you need to be aware of when developing such a strategy. Instead, it aims to highlight the sequence I believe you should follow and the ‘big ticket’ items you should be thinking about to make informed decisions.

The five part series will cover:

  • Part I: Understanding what demand response is and isn’t
  • Part II: Why you need a demand response strategy
  • Part III: What services you will provide, and to who
  • Part IV: How to deliver the services. Partner or platform, behaviour change or automation
  • Part V: The various models to consider when calculating the Negawatts (NW) being generated

The real value a Negawatt (NW) can deliver has its supporters and detractors. Demand Response is an evolving discipline and we all continue to learn. Over the coming weeks, it would be great to hear your views, regardless of your position on the subject.